Let US help you! With 'co-browsing' we can see what's on your screen.*

Keep in mind:
US Airways
  • * Your browser must have JavaScript version JRE 1.3 or higher
  • * You may be asked to run the Java application and accept the Java certificate
  • * Some Internet browsers are not compatible with the co-browse software

During our session:
  • * You maintain control of your computer
  • * Only you can enter or submit information
  • * We have the ability to use the pointer to help guide your navigation
  • * We can see your entire desktop and everything open on your screen

(Please close any windows on your computer that you don't want us to see!)

If you click the co-browse button, you agree to share your desktop with US Airways. We'll provide a 5 digit number to share with your representative to start.

* Co-browsing is a secure service governed by the legal terms of use and by any client electronic access agreement governing access to US Airways secure online services.